This morning I found a note one of the kids wrote to me years ago. Then there was a note a friend had written inside a book by one of my favorite authors. Other days I will find notes exchanged between my husband and I that make me smile. And if you open up a drawer in the kitchen, you will find it full of already read lunch box notes. I slide those in just to remind them that they are loved and I am praying for them. Maybe scripture is a little like that too. It is God’s word given to us to believe, apply and live while we are walking towards home. It is powerful, true and beautiful. It serves as a guide, source, and daily light. His word reminds us of who we are, whose we are and where we are going. Yes, there is much life to live now and we all need what He has graciously, lovingly supplied. It is the longest love note we have ever been given. Now that is something to be thankful for!

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