We were riding down the road talking about how today was my moms birthday. Our youngest corrected me, saying it is my moms birthday. Death does not cancel out an important date of someone you love very much. Several times I caught myself thinking about my mom and missing her help. She was always the first person my sister and I called in any situation. We would call her first and then the doctors office. She was a help line to many. I miss that.

I recently read a quote that made me think of her. It was talking about how our purpose is to help other people find their purpose. My mom definitely helped me find mine! Because of so many things she instilled in me, I am the kind of mom I am today. She was honest about her mistakes, so I could avoid them and encouraged what was important. She told me we should grow old gracefully. She said older people are heroes for all they have seen and lived through. She cared for others quietly and loved children fiercely. My children were blessed in many ways because she loved them. How delighted the Lord must be to have her home with Him today!

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

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