An Invitation

When we read the Bible, from the first word to the last, we are being invited into an eternal kingdom story. God begins by inviting us into His creation, we being the created one, and then He tells us not to separate from Him. He pursues us with unfailing love on every page whether we recognize it or not. Some pages are filled with tragedy, many we see ourselves as the main character, separating and going our own way. Others are marked with hope and instruction to turn back, beautiful words to guide us in daily life and relationship. All words of love.

As we read the scriptures, we do so in thanksgiving for those that have lived before us. For when we take time to enter into someone elses story, we are invited to become more compassionate, understanding, forgiving, honest, loving, more like Christ whose image we bear. The fingers pointed in blame fold in prayer, asking our Creator to be merciful for judgment that comes quick these days. Perhaps critical people are fearful people and we have no reason to fear, for we are His beloved. And then we remember that His mercies are new every morning and great is His faithfulness to His created.

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