Acoustic Living

I heard one of our favorite bands talking about an acoustic performance. One of the members commented on how it’s different because they are stripped down and there is nothing to hide behind. It is just each person, playing their instrument or using their voice, with nothing added. My first thought was what a way to live an authentic, true to your identity, free life!

I can say that these last few years have sure stripped me and there is nothing left to hide behind. And if I am being honest, I do not think I would have called it hiding, it is just what I knew. God, in His amazing grace has done this slow and tender work in my heart, and opened my eyes to the things I added to appear worthy and enough. Why? Maybe because the enemy is very good at deceiving all of us into believing our acoustic version, our true sound, will be unloved. What an absolute lie! Is the death of Jesus on the cross that forgettable? Of course not, but sometimes we all need to be reminded. He loves us that much to use whatever it takes to bring His likeness out in us. Our acoustic sound must be beautiful to His ears don’t you think?

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