“Then the king asked me, ‘What is your request?” Nehemiah 2:4

The book of Nehemiah has been one of my favorites for some time now. This verse made me pause today, wondering what I would request if the king asked. It also brought to mind the scene in Mark, where Jesus asks the blind man what he wanted him to do. Both seem like moments where one would have a hard time breathing, making it hard to answer the question. Could you even concentrate? Just to be in the presence of a king, much less the King would be overwhelming. Knowing their response would change us forever.

What I notice about Nehemiah and this blind man is they both ask for what will bring restoration. One wants time away, letters for safe passage, and supplies to restore his beloved Jerusalem. The other asks for his sight to be restored. Both requests are answered with yes. Amazing isn’t it? So, what would you ask the King for? What needs to be restored in your life today? May we find favor in His sight and may He be merciful to His children today as we present our request.

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