“Be exalted, O LORD, in your strength! We will sing and praise your power.” Psalm 21:19

One can never read a Psalm and not find encouragement. We could all use some of that right about now. This particular verse summed up my prayers for our world. So much darkness, evil flashing on every screen. Unrest is apparent on so many faces we pass as we go about our day. What would you have us do, Lord? What do you want us to know?

I will echo back to you these words. In times of weakness, be our strength. As leaders and citizens grow weary, give your strength. Will you exalt yourself for every eye to see? You are powerful and worthy of continual praise! You see every human that you have made, read every mind and know each one of our hearts. Location makes no difference to you, that joins us under the cover of your sight. For nothing escapes your notice. What peace that brings! And we will continue to trust in you our Lord.

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