Recently when studying the passage in Matthew, where Jesus clears the temple of the buyers and sellers, I noticed something. He reminds us of His original design of the temple and then after the clearing out, He begins to heal those that came to Him. Made me think of how God might use us, after we allow Him to restore us back to His original design? There is no denying the painful process it takes to separate us from our sin, but even in that, I have found Him to be extremely kind. And He reminded those in the temple that day that, “my house will be called a house of prayer, but you are making it a den of thieves.” (Matthew 21:13). Since we are now His temple, wouldn’t it make sense that prayer be something we do often and not let the cares of this world rob us of communicating with our Creator? If we follow this same line of thinking, would healing not be possible too? It might look like a mess for a minute as things get turned upside down, but imagine being restored to your rightful design!

*Photo credit: Paxton

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