Once you hear it

Outside the tomb of Jesus, we find Mary Magdalene weeping because the tomb is empty and she cannot find Him. She turns and He is actually standing there, but He is unrecognizable to her. Grief does that to us. He asks her why she is crying and she is honest with Him. Then it happens. “Jesus said, ‘Mary.” (John 20:15). It was only when He said her name that she saw Him.

I have been by a grave and you probably have too. We see people we love die, dreams and ideas turn out completely different and many more losses that cause deep grief and we weep. Our tears flow and we finally speak honestly with our Savior. Maybe it is here that we become humble enough to receive our true identity that comes from the One who made us. Where else can we go for such a gift? Then it happens in an instant and our weeping turns to joy. We hear our name spoken by the One who calls us His beloved. We see Him in a new light, want to get to know Him and we find Jesus to be far better than we ever imagined. From there we begin to truly live, only answering and responding to who we were created to be. What an exciting way to live!

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