being a mom

Sitting here watching the younger kids play in the pool and thinking about these lives that have been entrusted to me. The preciousness of each one brings tears to my eyes. Each one is unique and comes with their own set of struggles. They can make you cry from laughing so hard or frustration in the same day. Being mindful of what pressures they are facing requires time spent listening. Finding ways to serve them seems to lighten the pressure just a bit. What communicates love to one is not the same to another. Mindful of opportunities and details keeps you sharp. Time passes much to quickly and makes these all the more important. Rules and high expectations without grace crushes a young one. Second chances are needed more on my side than theirs. Saying yes is one of my favorite things to do, but wisdom answers with a no at times. Fear will tangle your responses. At the end of each day, I pray that they know that I love them unconditionally and trust them. And they also know that this mom depends on the Holy Spirit living in me. Without the Helper, I am not who He made me to be and they would suffer the most. Each of them are worth my true self. His word sustains me and gives me something to offer them. It is not called the “bread of life” for nothing. Prayer is what keeps me calm and when I forget and let my thoughts spin, it shows.

Today is a wonderful reminder of what keeps me dependent and for that I am thankful!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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