the burden of light

“For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:30). Reading this verse recently got me thinking about actual light and not just a weight measurement. Jesus had just spoken words that encouraged His humble, childlike followers, who had opened their hearts to what He was revealing to them. Jesus then gives this beautiful invitation to come to Him with all that weighs down. He said to them and us, that we can join with Him, learn His way of gentle, lowly living and experience deep rest. Have you ever met someone who actually took Jesus up on this offer? There is a peacefulness to them that seems to radiate light from within. Makeup and skin treatments will not bring this kind of glow. When one lives with this light burden, the darkness gets pushed back just a bit everywhere they go. The good news is He is still sending out this invitation and all we have to do is accept. Our world could sure use more light and rest wouldn’t you agree?

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