Twenty four years ago, on this particular Sunday in the Young Life camping world, my husband and I met for the very first time. Today we visited our oldest daughter, who is working at this camp, not even realizing it was the same day until we got there. During our visit I was continually reminded of the Lord’s timing and faithfulness. And as we sat in the worship service with our daughter, thankfulness filled my heart. On that same stage all those years ago, the boy I had met minutes before, played his guitar and sang, leading us all in worship. This unsuspecting guy had no idea that on my list of things I wanted in a husband was a bonus box that read, “sings and plays the guitar”. You cannot tell me that God is not about the details. Because it had to be Him that placed that sweet desire in my heart and knew it would be met. And returning with a van full of kids, seeing our daughter thriving and reconnecting with friends on this day gives evidence. I just can’t get over it….

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