Mountains and Valleys

One of our kids is hiking today and sent an incredible picture. I asked if she would take a picture of a valley too, perhaps because not all of life is spent on the mountain top. The longer we live, the more time it seems we spend walking through the valley. Since scripture says that multitudes are in the valley of decision (Joel 3:14), not yet receiving Jesus as King, then why would we be so quick to leave? What makes the valley exciting is having gotten here with the awareness of His presence, within the shadow of death (Psalm 23:4). Many deaths actually, but we learn the deep truth that He is God and we are not. There is nothing like death and loss to aid in the process of our “king of the mountain” syndrome is there? While death does cast a shadow indefinitely, He offers gifts in the valley that are incredibly strengthening, joyful even. And having known the valley, it can make the mountain top experiences that much more precious. Let’s keep walking friends.

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