How we live

Words circled around our table the other night, as we celebrated my husband, ones of affirmation and admiration. It was beautiful to be apart of and another reminder of grace. Each of our children know their father, like really know him. He takes the time to be known and gives space in the day to get to know each of them. And it is in the knowing and being known that they receive his love and trust each day. Maybe this lasting picture is what was in my mind today, as I heard the lyrics to a song that said, “live like you know who your Father is.” Could it be that here in lies the problem and solution? Maybe so many of the problems, the evil that we are seeing in our world, could be abandoned if we only knew our Father. Living with the knowledge and then experiencing the Father’s love, changes everything. How many do not know and live accordingly? This is what breaks my heart and causes tears to fall at times. Because I know that we humans can sometimes cause so much damage by not reflecting His love. Who would want to be in relationship with an angry, strict, rule making, no grace and mercy, score keeping God? What if we stepped up our relationships and lived like we know who our Father is and bore His resemblance? We just might change the world. Because this I know for certain, a well loved child shines bright in the darkness and people start asking questions. And we know the answer…we know who our Father is.

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