To get to know someone you have to listen. We can make up all kinds of things about a person, but they often prove false once we have gotten to know them by actually listening. A stereotype is safer than the actual process of knowing. Listening takes closeness, being present and for that we need time. Add on top of that the trust issues we collect and it’s no wonder many of us keep others at a distance, only allowing a glimpse when all appears perfect. What I am learning is that the idea of perfection, having it all together, has caused even more distance and isolation. Is it any wonder people are so lonely? The challenge for us is to live authentically with healthy boundaries. This is not easy, but maybe it becomes easier when we start practicing listening to others and then responding with our true selves. The world is in need of who we have been created to be and there is a fierce determination rising back up in me to live and raise originals. It is a bit messy, but it sure is fun!

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