A Bad Meal

I absolutely blew it at the table the other night. When I called the kids to come down for dinner, I wish I would have given them the menu. The main dish will be selfishness served with a side of fear or was it anger, the two taste alike. We went through our normal routine and finished up reading someone else’s words of love. It was then that I noticed the lightness and laughter that had finally arrived. How quickly I can forget the meal of communion that I have been served and what it cost. Tired in every way, yes, but excuses do not feed a family. Conviction came later that evening and sleep did too. The next morning I sought out the ones that I needed to ask forgiveness and their responses were like a feast of grace. I reminded myself that one bad meal does not cancel out all the other great ones. They have been served unconditional love, trust and forgiveness far more and will continue to be. For I have again and again “tasted and seen that the Lord is good” so why would I want them eating anything less?

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