Anytime we step into something new, we are given many opportunities to learn. Sometimes what you learn has nothing to do with the job. I recently learned that I have a huge fear of making a mistake and the consequences. Who knew? One simple statement brought this to the surface and needed more evaluating. A friend said something about there not being a mistake I could make at work that could not be fixed. A person who knows restoration speaks healing words as naturally as breathing.

Goodness, we need the gifts that other people have been given. This friend is an incredible restorer and I am tremendously blessed by her just being herself. Imagine what it would be like if all of us were living out our real selves and using the gifts our Creator has given us. This would not eliminate hard things, but I believe our homes, neighborhoods and businesses would function far better than they are now. Judgement often replaces kindness and we miss the gift of the unique human right in front of us. I think we can do better. You with me?

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