Recently I talked with a customer who gave me a lesson on lighting. Filters make a huge difference and the wrong ones distort everything. I thought about this as I placed clothing in fitting rooms. As often my prayer, “Lord, may this person see themselves the way You see them.” We can have these distorted filters on our eyes and minds that blocks out all the beautiful and highlights imperfections. Who says they are imperfect anyways? Others are missing these filters and see themselves healthy and whole. In my experience these people are rare. What I have noticed is they spend more time inspecting the clothing and not their reflection. One dear lady and I moved into the natural light to determine the brightness of the yarn used to construct a sweater. Before leaving she reminded me to keep my eyes on Jesus and block out the noise of the world. We agreed that we had made a memory, for every time she wears the sweater she will be reminded of our conversation. Perhaps the noise is contributing to the filters we use. So my prayer for us is that we see ourselves and others in the light that filters through with unconditional love and acceptance today. What could be more beautiful?

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