A new song was just released that came out of grief. After reading the lyrics, I had the thought that there is nothing that splits a heart like sorrow. Loss has this way that breaks your heart wide open, but it also allows us to experience Jesus differently than before. How else would we ever know Him to be the healer of broken hearts and binder of wounds? To know about something is not the same as knowing it personally. With the holidays approaching, maybe you feel the losses, sorrow a bit more too. What if we allowed Him to be who He says He is? I picture Him walking through our wide open heart, slowly stitching and bandaging us up. The bleeding stops and we rest awhile. Then He reaches out His hand, that was once wounded too, and helps us to our feet. We don’t ever have to let go you know. We get back to living, mended and whole, with a soft heart. A heart that now has depths of compassion and love that were maybe shallow before the loss. Thanksgiving and generosity would flow and maybe peace would too. Now is the time for us to decide how we will walk out this season. What will we choose?

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