One of our boys turns thirteen today. He is a party waiting to happen. If you need cheering up or a good laugh, he is your guy. Everyone needs a kid like this in their life. With so much energy, he functions best when he is serving and thrives while doing so. There is this look in his eye, one that lacks fear, and I know God put it there. It reminds me to relax and enjoy what is right in front of me. He has this way of seeing opportunities and making the most of each one. Age does not matter to him, for he believes a person is worth knowing at any stage of life. This will continue to serve him well and make life so much more enjoyable. And since his dream is to be a professional golfer, he is going to get to enrich many lives, I just know it.

Paxton, my prayer for you all your days is that you continually remember that it is God who will strengthen you, help you, who takes hold of you with His righteous hand. (Isaiah 41:10). And know that I am cheering you on! I love you!

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