Monday was my mom’s birthday. Since she now lives in heaven, I decided I can still honor her here. When I think about my mom, the first word that comes to mind is beauty. She had outward beauty, that even strangers noticed and a quiet, inside beauty those up close got to experience. With these thoughts and memories running through my mind, I was not surprised when they collided with what our group has been studying in the scriptures. We looked at the life of a man named Elijah, who trained another to continue his ministry. This man was Elisha, who asked for something I would never have thought to ask. He asked for a double portion and only knew he had received it after Elijah was gone. What would I ask to have a double portion of that my mom had? The answer came quick and that is beauty. Not on the outside, but the inside kind that lasts. What would that look like? How can God use this to carry on what my mom began? Questions without answers, but asked to the One who knows.

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