glow in the dark rocks

Our youngest daughter painted rocks at church on Sunday. She was most excited about the paint because it glows in the dark. At home she took me into the pantry to show me their glow. I thought of these rocks the next morning, as I was reading in Joshua. One man from each of the twelve tribes was instructed to go back and pick up a stone from the midst of the Jordan River, whose water rose up in a heap, creating a dry path for the Israelites to walk right through to the other side. They took the stones as an act of remembrance for the generations to come.

Maybe you have stones of remembrance too, each a reminder of something only God could have done. I wondered if maybe I need to paint ours with glow in the dark paint for when times appear dark. When tempted to be discouraged, we could catch the glow of a stone and remember God was with us then and is with us now. Very encouraging!

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