a gift exchange

An interesting thing happened between one of the kids and I. To tell my side, I need to take you back to middle school. A popular test in the church was given, the results came back and I have believed/lived them up until now. It was by no means negative, just not correct. It had to do with the gift(s) we are given as believers. For years this “gift” felt uncomfortable, not easy and more like work. Fast forward to current day and we have one of our children doing the same thing as I did. Striving is exhausting at any age, but this has never been the plan. Like opening a custom made gift on Christmas, it is meant to be used and enjoyed. It benefits others and can help guide us in how or where we serve. Come to find out, this child had been using my gift and I have tried to live with theirs. In what felt like a gift exchange, we will both begin opening and using what has been in us all along. And a beautiful lesson comes to us all, that it is never too late.

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