Studying scripture with friends the other night, brought us to this interesting verse about two people “who have swerved from the truth…” (2 Timothy 2:18). Because of their swerving from the narrow path, they ended up upsetting the faith of others. This caused me to rethink my own intake of ideas and somethings I have listened to within the last year. While truth does not change, words spun creatively can attempt to add a side road here and there. We can easily take others with us.

So, what do we do? When you get a bit lost or turned around, go back to the simple gospel. God sent His Son, Jesus, to be born of a woman and He lived a perfect life, always listening and obeying His Father. God allowed Jesus to be nailed to a cross and die. Jesus’ dead body was placed in a borrowed tomb and a heavy stone covered the entrance. On the third day, the stone was rolled away and Jesus walked out, alive and well. His death and resurrection paid for my sin and yours. After forty days of living again on the earth, He went back to heaven, but has promised to return. This is the truth that is to be believed and lived by every human He ever created. However, we are given a choice, accept or deny. I chose to accept this truth when I was eleven years old. I swerved off and on many times, but God has never left me. On the narrow road I will stay and keep walking towards home. Too many precious ones are counting on me not swerving.

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