old or new

Another day studying the book of Jeremiah and more thoughts come to mind. I wondered about the old and the new covenant, or promise, that is mentioned. One way required sacrifice and the other celebrates the sacrifice already given in our place. The old way requires obedience for blessing, the other requires belief and acceptance, nothing to be earned. I see two parenting styles of our God here, before the death and resurrection of Jesus and after. We just walked through this costly gift this past weekend and can continue to celebrate what is now the new promise! On this side, we know the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father and the cost He paid for us. No more striving to earn His love, we have it and now we get to model it daily. We get to start in our home, with our family and then see where He guides us. What better gift to give our children than the unconditional love we have received from God!

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