My sister and I were texting back and forth this morning, each acknowledging to each other, that we miss our mom more this year than ever before. We both know she planted so many good seeds in us, and the enemy planted some too. As the years go by, they both grow and you are able to uproot the weeds. What is left is a pretty amazing garden, we get to cultivate and share with our own families. And our mom would be delighted to see her beautiful legacy live on. She would love to see how each of her grandchildren have a characteristic or mannerism like her. She would be encouraged by how Jesus is known in our families and spoken of often. She would think these boys of ours are quite handsome and funny. She would think the girls truly beautiful and fearless. She would be celebrating many things with us these days too. But even in the missing, we are grateful to know there is no question that she is face to face with Jesus, and that is the greatest gift to us this mother’s day.

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