A sweet friend told me she would be selling her beautifully handmade earrings at a local holiday market today. I have heard about this market for years, but have never gone. This was the perfect opportunity! Our oldest and I set out this morning. I was shocked at the number of people set up selling all kinds of items and those shopping. People are so creative and talented! The Lord uniquely makes each of us and it is fun seeing what others do with what they have been given. Do you ever stop to think that it is the Lord who gave you ability to sing, paint, draw, capture stunning photographs or gracefully dance across a stage? We do our part by practicing, but it is Him that placed these talents inside of you.

IMG_9679My dad is an exceptional artist and draws furniture as a career. My grandmother has a way with a paint brush. My mom could write in the most beautiful calligraphy script. One of my aunts can sew anything beautifully. A cousin can decorate cakes that can transform into any object. One of my aunts shines in the medical field. My other grandmother could bake the best desserts and was the ultimate homemaker. A great uncle could talk about God and you would want to know Him for yourself. One uncle is a phenomenal chef. And all my aunts and uncles have the best sense of humor. They are a party waiting to happen. The list of talent could go on and on. Each unique, each related to me and each created by God. I like seeing how God dispenses talent into families.

Growing up, I wanted to do gymnastics or ballet. Maybe play the piano, anything that would get me noticed. However, I never found the thing I was made to do. Nothing seemed to put me in the spotlight and I was left feeling untalented. And then I became a mom and the need for the spotlight ended. There is not much I do day in and day out that is seen, except by my family. Their hearts reflect the words I say and the seeds I plant. Each day I am helping to shape who the Lord has created them to be. He chose me to be their mom and uniquely shaped me for this role. Some of the shaping has been hard and painful and some has just come easy. All are necessary.

Once walking out of a luncheon, someone mentioned to another lady that I had a lot of kids. She started saying all these negative comments and to each I responded back with something positive. Finally, I could stand it no longer. I turned to her and said, “You know what? I was made for this.”. Not another word was spoken.

I do not know what you were made to do, but I do know the One who made you. Get in His Word and read about the things He promises those He created and that love Him. Read about His making of the world and humans. Read about His incomprehensible love for us and how He wants us to live. You will meet the God that created creativity, singing, food, words, shapes, dancing and the list is endless. The next time you start to do that thing you are good at, think of the One who has given you that ability. Stop and thank Him for how He made you. Then use it to bring Him glory. You were made for this!

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