Why Keep Walking

Because we live in Texas and a caravan of people are walking towards our southern border, I feel the need to type out a few words. I would love a few hours with moms from this group. What are they leaving behind? What has them leaving their homes? What do they think awaits them here? What is it like traveling on foot, thousands of miles with kids? How did you pack for this journey? Back home, what did you cook for dinner? These are just a few things I would ask them. I wonder what their responses would be? I wonder how this is all going to play out?

IMG_9844There is so much opinion flying over social media and the news in regards to these people, these people made by God. Some of these travelers might have evil in mind and some might just want a different life. What will they find here? Will life look that much different for them or for us? Do we stop them or do we say welcome? So many questions and not a lot of answers.

There is so many great things about our country, but it is very divided right now. Do they want to enter into more conflict here? Do they want to come to a land where they are seen as people, but if they happen to be an unborn baby, well that is a different story. Killing them is a mere procedure. Hate is blasted here, but so is love. However, sometimes it is misinterpreted and is actually sin. I will let the Lord lead you on that one. Do they want to come to a nation that is so mixed up on the simplest thing, like gender? You were either created by God to be a boy or a girl. Period. Yes, we are a mixed up land.

Could another option be to help them make their countries better? Maybe we could actually place value on human life and help them earn a decent amount of money for their daily work. Perhaps all countries could benefit when greed is cast aside and a person becomes valuable at all stages. I wonder what talents the people walking have? I bet there are some creative, smart and hard working people coming this way. Will their countries suffer because they are not there?

Will they find basic needs met here? We cannot feed all the people that already live here, how do we add more? Will their helplessness and out of desperation, make them easy targets for human trafficking? Any amount of provision, regardless of the cost to themselves, is better than none right? What if they get hurt or sick? Who will treat and cover the cost? Do we just keep flooding our emergency rooms and government programs? Is going into even more debt the answer?

Another thought, maybe we could learn to respect those placed in authority over us and work together to actually make changes. I wonder how we would feel if we were hated and made fun of publicly day in and day out? I wonder if our sin was broadcasted? Should leaders be held accountable? Of course they should. Should people be able to make up lies and ruin others reputations?  I do not think so. Have you ever once put yourself in our governments shoes or are we comfortable sitting on the sidelines screaming half truths, hate and opinions?

For me, I have voted, but I am not sure what else I can do besides pray. We can talk to the Creator of the universe anytime, no need to make an appointment. We can pour out our heart concerns, ask for help and direction. We can repent of our sin and ask for forgiveness. We can turn and actually follow His way. We can uproot bitterness, pride, anger, shame and fear. We can have the words we speak be ones of truth. If it does not line up with scripture, it is not truth. Maybe if we start with ourselves, change would come in our homes, communities, churches, schools and government. Then I could understand a bit more why people would be walking our way. The way were are now, not so much.

So, lets be people who pray for our country and not continue the divide. Search the scripture for yourself and see what God actually says and not someone with an agenda in mind. Hate, pride and anger need to die within our hearts. Maybe, just maybe we will see  change. After all, the Bible tells us that, “…glory be to God, who by His mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we would ever dream of – infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts or hopes.” (Ephesians 3:20). This is the only God and to the One I am asking to move mightily in this situation. Join me?

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