The Key to Peace

“You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you,

because he trusts in you.”    Isaiah 26:3


IMG_1777 2This verse has so much that we desperately need. The source of our peace, focus and trust is only found in the God who created them. It just seems to make sense that if we remain focused on Him, He will keep our thoughts in peace. Notice this does not say anything about our circumstances.  So much is out of our control, isn’t it? However, to have peace, regardless of what spins around us, is only possible with God. Could you use some peace today?

To live with a knot in your stomach, thoughts racing trying to figure out a solution and lack of joy, is not really living in my opinion. If we are honest, most of us know exactly what I am talking about. I know I have wasted many days in this state of heart and mind. Those are days that I can never get back. So I will let them rest in the grace that God extends me each day. There is nothing in me that desires to return to that way of life and miss what God has in store today. Are we going to trust in what we see or place our trust in only what we can have full confidence in?  Have you found Him worthy of your trust yet?

Looking around at the craziness of our world, I can find no other place for my confidence and trust. I trust God because I know He loves me and He is working all things for my good. “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28). He will not lie, so I rest knowing even when I do not understand, He does. There are a lot of things I am waiting on to see Him work for my good, but I have seen Him do this plenty of times. I know you have stories of your own. I would love to hear them.

If you watch the news, you see that our country is without peace in many places. What is our country headed for if this continues? Total confusion and insanity seem to be our destination. Are we not told and shown that we are to love others? Absolutely, but what is the correct definition of love? Our country is in such a sinful mess. People are screaming for equality, but seem to want sin to be excepted and celebrated in all honesty. What can we do to stand up and speak the truth that is love? Protesting worked for Martin Luther King, Jr, might it work for those who believe in truth? However, look at what standing up for truth cost him. To remain silent would be safe.

Equality according to Google means, “the state of being equal, especially in status, rights and opportunities.” Interesting. What about equality of those who live according to what God says is right? Will we even be considered and given equality anymore? I have my doubts. Satan is having a grand time in our country. We are doing our best to remove God and with it peace. This plan has not served us well. To continue in this divided, hateful state will only fuel the work of evil. The extremes taken to confuse, manipulate and lie to people are at an all time high, in my opinion. How many people have been killed because of abortion? How many children have been told the lie that they can determine their gender? Parents are telling them that God made a mistake and feelings have the final say. Gun violence and drug use continue to rise, yet people are working hard to change laws. What needs to change is the heart of man. Drugs are illegal, but still used. Guns are used to kill people and criminals go to jail because of murder. However, how many babies are killed daily by the choice of abortion? Murder and abortion are the same thing. Guns, needles, drugs, it makes no difference. What makes the difference is in whose hand they are placed and what is in the heart of the person. We need to let this sink in. However, acceptance and blame have a more tolerable ring to it don’t you think?

So, I will do what I know to do. I will continue to pray for our country. I will pray for those who are being lied to by satan, who is using anyone he can enlist. I will keep my focus on Christ and ask Him to lead me and give me words to speak. I will stay rooted in the only truth and that is the word of God. I will live the way He has clearly told us is for our good. I will mess up plenty and ask forgiveness. Yes, I will live in peace and trust the One who made me. My eyes are not closed to what is happening around me, but they will not be focused on what will not remain. My heart and eyes are captured by God. He will get the final say regardless of what new act or law comes down the pike. He is victorious and will remain King. My heart is that all may come to know Him and live in peace. It is the only way to truly live. Join me?

And one more thing. Recently, when our oldest child and I visited a college, the person giving the admissions speech declared a scary lie. She said that this college had 60+ faiths. What? Such a true statement of why our county and so many individuals are confused. Look at scripture for truth. “…live worthy of the calling you have received, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, making every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit – just as you were called to one hope at your calling – one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all, who is above all and through all and in all.” (Ephesians 4:1-6). I would ask if those believing, declaring, shouting, pushing and supporting anything other than the One true God and all He encompasses have ever heard and accepted the call of our Lord for salvation. This is by no means judgement, but actually comes from my deep longing to see all accept, believe, and love Jesus. It makes all the difference. You will find true peace only in Him. What are you placing your faith in today?

*I see a cross when I pass by the dining room. A great reminder to stay focused.

























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