My Favorite Question

Can I just tell you what makes me very happy? It is being a mom, every part of it. Some aspects of motherhood are tougher than others and we have not hit college yet, but I do love being a mom. When I am often asked, about how I do it all with 7 children, my response has gotten so easy it just rolls right out of my heart. I simply say, “I was made for this.” I have been entrusted with much and it is a privilege. God did not give me the wrong kids or them the wrong mom. We fit together just right.

IMG_1624Each child is a shaping tool in His loving hands and me as well. Their personalities are very different and bring out the best and worst in me. I have seen where I lack patience, wisdom, places of selfishness, fear and the list could go on. One kid in particular humbled me greatly and I am so thankful. Lack of humility keeps people at a distance and they are not real with you. I would have missed so much with others if this child had been like anything other than who he is.

My kids know they are prayed for often and one of my greatest privileges is when they ask me to pray for them. Some of our sweetest moments have been had in prayer. It makes sense to go to the One who made them and ask for help.  He is worthy and more than able. I want this to be normal to them and the first response to any need. I want them to always be looking for reminders of God. He is not distant and hard to get to know. He is real and available anytime. Also, praise becomes a way of life when we have eyes to see. My biggest prayer for each of them is that they are head over heals in love with Jesus. With their heart captured by Him, the world does not have a chance of distracting them.

So, today I celebrate being a mom. I have laughed a lot and felt extremely loved. There is nothing like handwritten notes from my kids. They express their hearts so well in written form. Words from friends and family have been sent and that just means so much. Everyone knows I miss my mom and wish she were here to be celebrated. However, when I think of her in Heaven and the joy that is her continual reality, I am so happy for her. She taught me so much and was the perfect mom for me. Because of her, I am the mom I am today. The Lord has also sent other amazing women through the years that have been huge in showing me what it means to live in fellowship with Christ. For those, I am so grateful. They do not take my moms place, but they sure have helped heal my broken heart. How kind of the Lord!

I pray that whatever today holds for you, that you know you are seen and loved. Your day might not look like mine, but maybe it does. I pray you take great comfort in knowing that God is big enough to be all you need. And if you are struggling as a mom, ask the One who made you a mom for help. Get on your knees and pray, He hears. Generations are counting on us and that reinforces my mission to do my best. Celebrate today and look forward to tomorrow. You were made for this!




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