16 Years

“But My servant Caleb, because he has a different spirit in him and has followed Me fully, I will bring into the land where he went, and his descendants shall inherit it.” Numbers 14:24


I came across this verse this morning and decided it was the perfect verse for our son, who is celebrating his 16th birthday. I am asking the Lord to make him very aware of this different spirit inside of him like in Caleb. One that is courageous, unafraid and a leader of many. I pray that when he looks, like Caleb, at impossible situations, he remembers that God is with him. When others doubt and go the “easy” way, I pray that he goes the way of courage. May he always know a closeness with the Lord all the days of his life and set an example for the ones younger than him.

IMG_7403Just as he daily trains to run, may he push himself to keep going when it would be easier to skip practice. When there are choices in front of him, may he have the wisdom to pick the best. I am asking the Lord to give him a deep love for His word and that it serves as direction, identity and his first love that is unfailing. May he be seen as different because of his priorities, discipline, humility, kindness, patience and joy. While not always popular, they will honor his Heavenly King.

As he runs this life towards home, may he always hear us cheering him on. When he needs a reminder of whose he is, I pray the words spoken, prayed and studied in our home will encourage him. When trials come, as they always do or sorrow that seems to be too crushing to endure, may he know his Heavenly Father loves him and uses all things for good and His glory. May he be so thankful for having parents and siblings that adore him and will never stop loving him. As the Lord daily works to make him more and more into His image, I pray he surrenders quickly. IMG_7374I ask that pride never be rooted in his heart, not ever, for it is painful and difficult to remove. May he never let self rule, but God alone. He is who we serve and were created to worship, not self.

As the years continue to fly by, I am confident that this child will soar as he daily lets the Lord guide and shape him. The plans for him are unique and perfectly written just for him. I am thankful to watch his story unfold and have a part to play. Son, you are loved so, so much and I am your biggest fan. Happy 16th Birthday!

2 thoughts on “16 Years

  1. WOW!!!! What tribute to your son. He is blessed to have Godly parents to show him love and guidance to help him along life’s path in seeking our Lord’s direction for his life.

    Are you sure you are old enough for a 16 year son!😊😊.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂!!!!!!

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