Who Cheers For You

We sat in the stands this past Saturday watching a track meet. These events go on for hours and there are long stretches of time in between events. It is hours of your life you will never get back, but very much worth seeing your child run. We sat with some friends and their family and I was thinking how blessed they were to have family in town that can come to events. Honestly, I was a bit sad that we do not have the same because we have chosen to live in a different town/state, but was thankful to have friends. The more fans a child has the better in my opinion. Then later as I was thinking about the day a thought hit me – who cheers for you? We all need someone cheering us on.

IMG_7373As a high school cheerleader, I remember being on the sidelines cheering for our football team. I loved the idea of cheering, but did not put in the work to be a really good one. However, as an adult I do enjoy putting in the thought and time to cheer people on. It can be a stranger, my child, your child, friends or family, it makes no difference. I want people to fall in love with Jesus and live loved. It is so fun to come alongside and encourage each other in this love relationship! Sometimes it is a simple verse or a prayer. Other times it is a conversation or opening up the Bible together. Maybe even a kind word or a smile. Jesus is alive and well inside of me because of the Holy Spirit and cheering comes naturally. The same can be true of you.

Today go slow enough to see those around you. See if someone could use a cheerleader. You never know what your encouragement can do for a person. To be seen and then cheered for is a remarkable privilege.

I am cheering for you today!!!

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