12 Years

“Then David said to Abigal: ‘Blessed is the Lord God of Israel who sent you this day to meet me! And blessed is your advice and blessed are you…” 1 Samuel 25:32-33

Twelve years ago our middle child was born. We named this precious girl Abbey Grace and it fits her perfectly. She reminds me of the wise Abigal in the book of 1 Samuel and she is also full of grace. Her wisdom is beyond her years and her joy is catching. She lives free and courageous. I have watched her navigate change, relationships, unruly hair and boys with acceptance and maturity. You want to spend time with her. She smiles easy and with a light in her eyes.

IMG_7132Our family is blessed because the Lord decided she was just what we needed. My bent towards perfection was met with quite a force with this one. She made it clear to all at the age of 2 that she was a leader. Ask her preschool teacher if you want the story. I have never had to practice the art of following a leader in a line until this one. Seems she knew early on who God created her to be. Thankfully she knows it is He that she takes her orders from and she does so with love.

May the Lord continue to shape this precious child with His grace. May she lead well and in love to all the Lord entrusts to her. May she have wisdom, humility and quick discernment. When a choice for good or best, may she always choose God’s best even when it is not popular. I pray she keeps her eyes on Jesus and the work on the cross. May His gift of life never leave her sights as she presses on. If He is our example to follow, I ask the Lord to give her a heart that easily surrenders to His will too.

When she feels uncertain about the upcoming middle school years, I pray for peace to rain on her as she remembers she will never walk anywhere without His presence. With this peace may she be bold to share with all who will listen the source of her peace. She is not like the world and never will be. She walks to the toon of His drum and it often involves a dance. The one word we often use for this child is FREE. Oh and it is beautiful to glimpse!

So keep leading and dancing sweet girl. Know that I am crazy about you and am so thankful to get the privilege to love you well. May you continue to shine and fall more and more in love with your King.

Happy Birthday Abbey Grace!!!

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