A Relay Race

There is a price that comes with writing and it is more than time. It is actually living through or continuing to live what you write about. This was not something I thought about when I started typing awhile ago, but can honestly say it is worth the cost. Yes, sometimes I think my words from my heart are misunderstood or do not sit quite right. I would ask that you take that to the Lord and let Him sort it out for you. For me, I want to always be honest and honoring to my family. I share in hopes that someone else can come to know the Lord a little better, not feel so alone or be encouraged.

IMG_5291Encouraging others is one of my favorite things to do. I have found the time put into cheering someone else on and letting them know they are seen, ends up blessing me more than them. You also meet a lot of people that you normally would not come into contact with. I have been surprised by the number of wonderful people I have talked to just by taking the time to speak a kind word. For the people I already know, a simple text or email seems like no big deal to me, but to them it can change their day. You’ve had that happen to you to before I am sure. The day is not going according to plan and you get encouragement out of the blue and things turn around. I can think of no better way to put our phones to good use than to use them as a source of communicating blessings to others.

We are all racing towards home and some trails get ever so hard. We need each other to remind us of whose we are, what is true and how much we are loved. Our races might not look the same or be marked by the same sufferings, but that does not mean every one of us could not use a cheerleader along the way. Yes, I am aware that I have written about this recently, but just needed to say it again. We need to encourage each other.

Also, we all have a job to do that we have been uniquely crafted for. This was made very clear to me the other night at our daughters track meet. She does a relay race with 3 other girls. Each girl carries the baton once around the track and then hands it to the next girl. Around and around they race trying to be the fastest team. While their team won first place and she received a medal, she was not pleased with her personal performance. She beat herself up all the way from the track to the car. She said how the other girls had to make up for her slower time, she had let her team down. In my eyes she did just fine and they won, but she knew her lap was not her best. I asked if there was something she could do differently to improve. And true to this child’s amazing mind, she had already figured out what she needed to correct. I fully expect her next race to be different.

The lesson I saw here was the body of Christ is like this relay team. We each play a part and carry a gift like a baton. If we get caught up in unforgiveness, blame, anger, selfishness, laziness and any other sin that so easily entangles, we hurt the entire body. How do we carry a baton when our arms are full of blame or shame? How do we breath properly when all our air is used to speak fear instead of praise? How do we run swiftly when a shackle of regret has bound our feet together? How do we remain hydrated when we are not constantly drinking for the Living Water? This life is the only one we are given here on earth. While there is an eternity waiting in Heaven, the choices we make now matter what kind of race we have here. And it helps to have people encouraging each other along the way. Perhaps that is the baton you have in your hand, the gift of encouragement.

Today lets examine our “lap” and see if there is anything that we need to correct. Is repentance needed? Time in prayer and scripture reading? A call to ask forgiveness? I do not know, but I trust the Lord to show each of us. May the rest of our race be ran in His strength, wisdom, love and unity. I am cheering you on!

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