“When He came into the house….” Luke 8:51

We love music in our home, just not all the same kind. Some are a little bit country and others lean towards anything you can dance too. Most like worship music and some play one song over and over. One of the things the kids like to do when we are not home is too turn the music way up and move the furniture out of the way. A dance party takes place in our living room and they love it! There have been plenty of times we have walked in unnoticed and witnessed this event. I think it is great!

D612EEA0-6BAA-4AB3-8B3A-C756007CAF9BAnother family told us how they put music on while they clean and we have done the same ever since. When one particular song comes on, it is cleaning time. Music makes all the difference and our work seems to get done much faster. We unify as a family, have our own house party and the result is a home put back in order.

When I was reading this morning about the little girl who Jesus had come to heal, this particular verse caught my eye. “When He came into the house…” (Luke 8:51). When Jesus came into the house it was only a matter of time before healing would take place. Everything changed when He stepped through the door. He only allowed a few people to witness the actual miracle and they were the ones who were unified. The ones allowed to see the miracle were the ones who believed Jesus was who He said He was, disbelief was not allowed in the room.

I am finding what brings unity into our home is when we are all singing the same song while cleaning. It can also be found when we are sitting around the table reading about the very One who walked into the little girls home. Jesus has a way of bringing people together. When He shows up and we are after His glory and not our own, unity is the miracle. When judgement, fear, selfishness and pride are left at the door, unity becomes the song. This is only possible because of who lives inside of us. It is Him we bring with us everywhere we go.

What breaks my heart is when I do not reflect who is inside of me. When I do not listen or forget where my confidence comes from, I am a very poor refection of who has made His home in my heart. The music that spills out must sound like a really bad advertisement jingle. I am trying to sell myself and buy my worth. I am not humming along to the tune of Amazing Grace that was so costly for Jesus.

This slower pace has given me time to see plenty of areas that need His attention. Maybe it has you too. My heart is to sing with Blessed Assurance all of my days. He has written my story and I desire to praise Him with my entire life. His faithfulness is great and His mercies are new everyday. So I bow in repentance and allow Him to wash away the sin once again. Unity is restored and my heart, His home, is at peace again. Nothing makes a home more welcoming than Jesus. I bet the guest in the little girls home were not looking to see how clean the actual home was, but who walked in that day. I am going to keep that in mind.

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