Wisdom Learned on a Walk

One of the challenges of having a big family is finding individual time. Each child feels love different, but every child needs time to be heard. One way this happens is by taking walks. With the younger ones they still hold my hand and it makes me smile. I know these days are fleeting because I have watched them fly away. The conversations are very one sided and only a few words come from me. This is their time and I have been heard enough.

B7DBDB3F-9DD4-49CD-B3B7-14E643747CE0One boy told me to walk slow so our time would last longer. He had a lot to say and so we slowed our feet. Another boy can talk and walk fast so we made record time. A little girl stops constantly to observe and our walks take twice as long. She does not waste words and always gets right to the point. I am seeing new sides of them that I would have missed without this time.

I asked the youngest today a few questions as we walked to see how she is handling this unknown time. I asked if she was worried and the response was no. A follow up question was needed as to how this was possible for her? She said, “I don’t even know what worry is.” Praise God! There is no need to place burdens on her small shoulders. Kids in general do not have the emotional, mental or spiritual skills to deal with the fear that is roaring today.

On another walk a sweet boy told me some of his plans for the future. There was so much thought behind them and he is quite a genius. He is not afraid to try new things and if he fails, that is ok because there is always something else to try. He too is not worried. One thing he did say that needs more attention is that he wonders if his thoughts are his or God’s. I am praying for discernment for this child. He also needs to know if the thought lines up with scripture, truth. If it does not, it is not from God. Committing scripture to memory is a wonderful tool to help.

I am thankful for these walks and the wisdom I am acquiring along the way. Kids have such simplicity and pureness about them because they have not been tarnished by what the world shouts as truth, which changes every other day. It takes time to listen and we have been given it. May we all take full advantage of our time and listen well. And maybe pick some pretty flowers along the way.


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