Keep Burning Bright

”You, LORD, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light.” Psalm 18:28

These days of virus living march on and we can all be tempted to despair. Reports of death and positive results are plastered on the screen each night like the attendance board in a Baptist church. What is not always noted is the number of people who have recovered.

F58421A6-D3F5-4812-BF6A-0F6208548ACFNot mentioned are the number of families that have reconnected around the table, parents that are teaching more than academics and the amount of creativity being discovered. What appears to be a very dark time is in fact a time where light is needed. Maybe the world had to get even darker for us to notice.

For those who love, know and walk with God, this is your time to shine bright. Keep doing what you are doing and then some. Let Him be the oil in your lamp burning wherever He has placed you during this time. Draw your strength, joy and peace from the One who created light with just His voice. Do not give satan the time of day or your light will flicker low. Now is the not the time for the world is watching. Let’s light it up!


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