Lord Jesus,

Today people are praying across our land and you hear each word. Many are asking for revival, for you to be acknowledged as God again. We have gotten ourselves into a mess because we have, in big and small ways, turned from you and your word. All of us are guilty. We are united in our guilt and need of humility.

CAFEDDB4-985F-421F-B40C-3BF29D0114A8With the threat of sickness and so much taken away, our eyes are being opened to how far we have gone away from you. We have settled for scrapes when you would have us feasting in your presence. In our church buildings, we have focused on the people inside more than those on the outside. We have invested in skinny jeans and smoke machines on our stages, as if these would lift you high. We have been entertained and lulled to sleep, but we are awakening.

Our need for revival is great. Bring us back, Lord, as a nation that desires your glory and not our own. Tune our hearts to hear your voice, inviting us to join in your story. Encourage us to help those you point out. Give us courage to speak up when it is needed; not to create division but for justice, unity and mercy. Bring us back to love as you have defined it. May we never be the same. I ask all these things in the powerful name of Jesus, Amen.

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