“The tongue has the power of life and death…” Proverbs 18:21

This week has been declared ‘Teacher Appreciation Week” and it looked very different. Parents got creative and planned parades in front of teachers homes. It was fantastic! One parade we were in even had a firetruck and ambulance with their lights going. Kids were hanging out the windows and waving like crazy. Signs were made to communicate gratitude. The huggers had a really hard time though and many tears were shed.

4EAE796B-B11A-4386-A23E-4BEF21A69124Being a teacher is an enormous responsibility, but comes with an incredible opportunity. The words spoken by our teachers help shape our stories. We can all look back with appreciation for those standout teachers who encouraged who we were becoming. They know from experience what will build up and what will crush. Their self control is truly amazing!

Recently, my high school cheer coach/teacher and I were messaging back and forth. After all these years her words have influence. She believed in me then and saw past my insecurities, big hair and terrible toe-touches. She saw my well hidden heart. Only God gives eyes like that and the words to speak what they see. It truly is a gift and can be life giving, especially in those growing up years. My coach continues to use her gift.

So to every teacher, coach, administrator, school nurse, librarian, anyone who has the job of shaping children, YOU are appreciated!!! Thank you for all you do and we all look forward to seeing you again soon!




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