Love…always hopes…” 1 Corinthians 13:7

Have you ever listened to the prayers of a child? They are so innocent and pure. It is one of the highlights of my day, listening. The word I hear often when they bow their heads is hope. They have no reason not to hope. They have this confidence that God hears them and they are free to share with Him their hopes. It is so simple and full of trust.

08F2201B-22A7-434B-A955-628461EA0305As adults our hope gets a bit damaged and some may lose it all together. We would have to ask ourselves what or whom we have placed our hope. If it isn’t in God, we are placing it on what can be shaken or lost. Could anything be more dangerous?

When I hear the kids pray it reminds me to be more like them, to live in childlike faith always trusting my Father. We will be disappointed in this world, people, creation, material things and ourselves. Placing our hope on anything but God might just be too high of an expectation. We are setting people, places and things up for failure.

Maybe today we can let ourselves, family, friends, finances, health, churches and treasures off the hook. May we look to the giver of hope Himself and breathe a bit easier all day long. I bet you will be more fun to be around too…at a safe distance of course!

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