”And above all things have fervent love for one another, for love will cover a multitude of sins.” 1 Peter 4:8

A sweet boy came down the stairs this morning and told me he had slept good. He told me the secret to him getting a good nights rest was that he covered himself with stuffed animals. One of his animals is a huge lion named Judah. I smiled and told him how I like the weight of heavy quilts on me, makes me feel safe.

8E9164A3-82B8-4103-98BE-F63162142CBAIt reminded me of  part of this verse that keeps running through my mind these days, “love covers”. When I am tempted to speak something unkind, “love covers”. When I disagree, “love covers”. When the kids…”love covers”. It can be applied to so many situations and sure puts a guard over my mouth. I am also reminded that His precious blood was shed to cover my many sins. Should I not live covering others with my love?

I’m thinking that if this takes root in my mind then heart, it will become a habit. We need to be found trustworthy and safe for people to share their lives with us. This is one way we can show fervent love with one another. When you feel covered, you feel safe, you feel loved. This had to be how people felt when they spent time with Jesus. If this had not been the case, why would so many sinners have sought him out? May we be people who do the same. May people leave our socially distanced company, conversation or zoom call feeling covered in His love. For it is needed now like never before.

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