Stay at the Table

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”  Revelation 3:20

If you have already answered the door and invited Jesus in to be your Lord and Savior, picture yourself sitting at the table with him. There is a feast before you and life giving conversation. Every time you take a drink of the water he offers you feel revived. Fruit seems to be served in abundance and you know it will not run out. Such a strong desire stirs inside to invite everyone you know to the table.

E281B9DB-1744-4549-90E7-0FF3BDEEC4A2Then there is a knock at the door. Will you answer or remain at the table? There seems to be a storm swirling outside and the knock comes again. Lighting flashes and thunder rumbles loud, another knock is heard. You look across the table and Jesus greets you with a smile. Do you stay eyes locked on him or answer the door?

It would be rude to leave the table and make Jesus feel like the one at the door is more important so you stay. There is such a temptation to at least go look to see who it is. Another glance across the table, eyes speaking to your soul of trust and pure love. Another knock but it sounds a little less loud this time. You stay and conversation flows again, more food and drink are served. Oh, and you laugh and listen to stories that sing of grace and told that this is your song too.

You feel joy like you have never known and peace settles itself on your lap like a properly placed napkin. Did you hear another knock, not sure and you really do not care; your most important guest is right in front of you. He leans in and tells you “well done” and you do not quite understand. He tells you that was fear, cares of this world knocking at your door, but you did not choose to answer. You stayed seated with your invited guest instead. Your manners remind you and your heart is stirred with love, for you remember you are in the presence of the King and you never want to leave. Stay today. Let the knocks come and go, but stay, eyes locked on your King.

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