Starving for Grace

“We are giving the world an explanation but they are starving for a demonstration.” Paul Manwaring

Interesting quote isn’t it? I came across this one recently and thought it was powerful. We do not need to be reminded that we are sinful, but we do need to be shown we are loved anyway. We all are starving for grace. Could this be the true hunger of the world today?

We read about grace in scripture, perhaps we can even explain it in a few words, but to actually pass along this gift from Jesus is another matter. I know I have been a great receiver, but a poor giver.

A40350C2-2E4E-491C-8D17-DB1C0B520370Time after time we see people meeting grace Himself as we flip our Bible pages. One of the things that excites me about heaven is getting to hear peoples stories. I will ask about the day they met Jesus. The backstory will not matter, but the moment of grace sure will. I have an endless list in mind of ones I want to visit. You too?

Now more than ever I see an opportunity to give grace away. So many people have had their lives shaken. What once filled them is now gone and they are searching for something to meet their hunger. Perhaps we could start with the assumption the receiver knows they do not deserve it and give the feast of grace anyway. Another place we find unity, for we are all undeserving but Jesus gave us grace. Might today be a day that we look a bit more like Him and serve grace. What that might look like for you? Maybe you can tell me your story one day.

P.S.When I see my kids I see grace.



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