Songs of Joy

“My servants will sing out of the joy of their hearts.” Isaiah 65:14

Our senior finished her last exam online today and now awaits the graduation ceremony. I had to document the moment by taking a picture, noticing her word painted above the desk. Three letters strung together describe her quite well but her name actually means pearl.

She is perfectly named because she is a valuable treasure. The joy that pours out of this child comes from her being filled by Him. It comes from a dependence on God, not on us or herself. She has this humble confidence that has emerged over time and it can be a bit intimidating. She has walked through hard things and He has used them for good. She has known times of being on the outside of a circle and I think that is where she fell more deeply in love with Him.

F2697E3C-BE92-41E1-BC1D-F04611484442When you look at the life of Jesus, you see Him noticing the ones others did not. He saw them as valuable and worth the great cost of His life. He has a way of giving joy to those who belong to Him. For to be seen, loved and valuable truly does fill you with joy worth celebrating and sharing. It is even more lasting than the feeling of finishing a test or high school career.

May today be the day you meet Jesus or fall more deeply in love with Him. There is joy to be had and others need to hear joy sung with our lives during this time maybe more than ever. Paint it on your wall if you have to or string a strand of pearls around your neck to remind you of your worth causing joy. For you belong to the King and He must love to hear our songs of joy coming from our hearts.

P.S. Well done little pearl!

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