A Reverse Confession

I recently read about a reverse confession booth. Instead of a person coming to confess their sins, the one on the other side confessed. Can you even imagine? That got me thinking what a wonderful idea this would be! Maybe those who have been hurt by the church would find some healing. Perhaps those who have a dislike for Christians and anything related, might take another look if they were met with the opposite.

There are a lot of hurting people these days and the last place they want to turn is to the church, the Bible, to God for that matter. A long list of disappointment and pain backs up their unsafe feelings. What if this pandemic has got them considering?

D19C5F14-869B-4085-B098-E28757C53EBBI know we people can really mess things up, can’t we? Sometimes we have boxed ourself in with rules, programs, buildings and agendas. The things we can control or measure become much more doable, safer. From one that has grown up in the church, there is a lot of good too. I have so many wonderful memories from my early church days, but not everyone can say the same. There have been many times I have felt on the outside while sitting in a pew, so I can understand.

I wonder what college age and older think about the church? God? Do they see love or judgment? I have been found guilty of judging so many times. However, when I look at scripture, I see how wrong I am; how God is the judge and I am not. I confess that here on the other side of the screen and ask for your forgiveness.

Can I add one more thing? Give God an honest look and get a clear picture of what real love looks like; you may be surprised in the best way.

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