The Gift of Noticing

”When Jesus saw her…” Luke 13:12

Do you not just love that those few simple words? Can you imagine having the loving eyes of Jesus see you? We know there is nothing good in us except that which God has graciously given, so there is no need to hide. In fact it is quite impossible to hide from God. This fact gives me great comfort.

8A923E49-86A7-47B4-9EF3-818FF608BC14If God sees us, then shouldn’t we make seeing others important too? Even when we are in a hurry, can we not spare a smile and eye contact with a stranger? How about a kind word or encouraging text? It is not costly to notice others and it feels close to a gift to give and to receive.

People are quite fascinating and different. We can learn from others and they can learn from us; for we are all walking stories just waiting to be read. So how about we take time today to notice and look a bit more like Jesus than we did yesterday.

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