“For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose.”  Philippians 2:13

When we look at the events happening, who do you think it at work? Satan is definitely alive and well doing what he does best, stealing, killing and destroying. Who do you think whispers in the ears of anyone who thinks they have the right to take someone else’s breath? Who do you think fuels anger, encourages stealing, setting fires and acts of violence? Where do you think the idea of seeing people as anything less than human originated? Evil is rooted in the lies of satan and we are watching quite a display of his work these days.

E5DF4DFB-24EF-4DB3-8FA5-3268B77DAAC5What would God have us do? I have been asking Him this question so often during this time. I have asked Him to show me my sin, to reveal evil roots and to expose them, dig them up and cast them in the fire. I have repented and felt baptized again with cleansing water. I have told Him time and time again that I am available for His use. He has given me many opportunities to love well and thankfulness for being used rises in my heart. Is there more to do, I come again and ask Him. The answer is always yes and the day unfolds accordingly.

I do not know what He has planned for each of us, but I do know it is good. I am confident that He will use each of us to shine light in these dark times. There is much work to be done and opportunities multiply daily. Will you be found available?



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