“The tongue that heals is a tree of life, but a devious tongue breaks the spirit.” Proverbs 15:4

We are hearing so many words these days. Some are spoken calmly, some shouted, some painted on signs, words that aim to deliver a message. Do you feel overwhelmed? Can you sort out opinions from truth? Are you hearing and speaking words of healing or ones that tear down?

BF437E21-4F38-42A0-81A2-5BB4B587E9F8These are history making days for sure and we want to participate not add to the noise. Hate, division, stealing and violence are being documented, but so is kindness, love, reconciliation and forgiveness. What are we paying more attention too? We hear what we want to hear based on our opinions, experiences. We collect evidence to back up what we believe. I wonder if we are even mindful that we are doing this constant activity?

Quite possibly we have learned wrong. I am hopeful that we can unlearn and begin  anew. It might mean getting quiet, asking the Lord to search our hearts, read His truth on the matters at hand, repent and speak up in love. Our hearing might need some correction too. For what we hear, finds its way to our hearts and later spills out of our mouths. Just look at the good and the bad on display today if you need convincing. May the words we speak and choose to hear bring healing and life.

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