“On the day I called, you answered me; you increased my strength.”   Psalm 138:3

Do you remember the moment you finally felt like a grownup? Maybe it was when you got your drivers license, first job, went off to college or got married. I seemed to take a lot longer to grow up on the inside even after these big milestones. There was such an internal struggle.

D3E8F816-9DF1-424B-8A30-173F95D6B338The more the Lord unravels my heart, the more I see areas that I did not have full confidence in the One who made me. You do not call someone you do not trust. Then as only the all knowing God can do, He works in our circumstances and thankfully we began to call out to Him in trust. Guess what? He answers. It might not be in the way you planned, but He knows best and you trust Him to be God.

Something else comes in this calling out in trust, your source of strength is realized. It seems that you grow a backbone overnight and that can only be possible by God. Fear of man is broken and you fear only God. Obedience becomes most important and mans reaction begins to lose its hold on you. Words can still hurt, but the sting does not last nearly as long. You listen and see if there is any truth in what is being spoken. If so respond accordingly and if not you let them go. These are not the days to be easily offended. And as one of my girls says to me often, “Toughen up, buttercup.”


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