Another Lesson

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

Our kitchen was in full use this morning and the whole family was present. A few kids were slow in waking up and others were ready for the day. Before long discipline was required and I corrected a child in front of the entire family. I spoke words of correction and a face reddened, eyes looked down and ears closed. It is humiliating to be called out in front of others, having your sin on display. Change is not really the first thing on ones mind during these times.

In my better moments having our kids look up ten scripture verses, on whatever the sin issue happens to be and memorize one of them, has been more effective. I can talk and talk, but finding out what God has to say seems to be the most powerful. You cannot argue with truth and this sinks into their hearts. It is a way of planting seeds during these growing years.

D9BBF207-FF35-4FC5-9BF4-31135F277E60One of the most foundational truths I want to sink deep is forgiveness. Satan would have them hide in their sin and convince them they were much too dirty to ever be clean. I see no stipulation placed on His forgiveness except confession on our part, do you? It is not complicated and I have not found Him to be one who finds satisfaction in humiliating a humble heart. In fact, I have found His correction to be extremely loving and confession comes easier.

If we see we have been wrong in our thinking, actions or words, perhaps now is the time to confess. Take sometime and ask the Lord to search your heart. If He brings something to mind, confess. Open your Bible and find out the truth and memorize it. And maybe just maybe these days will bring forth a spiritual revival like one that has never been seen before.




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