True Need

I had the most interesting experience yesterday. I needed a haircut and met a sweet local girl that recommended a no frills hair dresser. I was sold when she said the cost was $25! Walking into the shop was odd because of the whole mask thing, but it is part of it right now. The stylist was kind and did a great job, but that was just a bonus.

ECDD2A47-5172-41DC-B18A-9087BE5E040AHe told me my hair was a bit damaged and lacking nutrients. Whatever products I used on them were fine, but the need was not being met. Products were actually sticking to my hair, trying to meet the need of missing nutrients. He warned me of his sales pitch and gave great examples. I countered with how applicable this was to so many things. We discussed relationships and the presence of need in each one. Often people reach for others to meet their needs, but that is far too much pressure to put on a person or created thing. I loved talking with him about my husband and kids, but did not talk about my relationship with Christ. Instead I lived it, but today I will return with written words. For I need to give back the clip he left on my mask.

While he was selling a hair product, I am not. I can hardly wait to tell him about the One who knows each need and meets them in His perfect way. Oh we sure can get into quite a mess when we take matters into our own hands, but when we trust them to Him each is met for our good and His glory. So may I ask that you pray for a kind man in Colorado named Norman? May he come to know the One who will meet his ultimate need of life and salvation.

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